Thursday, June 3, 2010

Quaker Christmas
Just wanted to post my start of Quaker Christmas. This is the first large project that I am attempting. This took me a day and a half to do.
This was a gift from my very dear friend Rae Ann from Ca . so I am hoping for a very good finish to this. I am enjoying it very much. I am stitchingit with Carrie Creation hand dye floss. I never used hand dyed floss before, and I really like it. Who knows maybe out with DMC. The hand dyed floss works very nicely.
I am hoping to have this done before Christmas. So keep your fingers crossed for me that I will make it in time. I do fight with the fabric alot as I do not use scroll or Q-snaps, I seem to fight with them more. Please feel free to leave comments.
Thanks Rae Ann for such a lovely gift. hope you will be pleased as much as me when it is finished. You truly are a dear friend. God Bless you.


Suzzane said...

Your Quaker picture is going to be so pretty, Ruth. You sure got a lot done in that time!

Anonymous said...

Alright last time I talked with you (which was yesterday), you had just started the cross and now all this!!!! Your going to force me to put down my project and jump in and start my AQC so you don't get too far ahead of me. Weren't we suppose to do this together? Hummmm.....I am losing my mind.
Your Crazy Friend, Rae

Cyndi Harris ~ said...

Great start so far! You are stitching more than I am thesedays!